About Us

Rio Azul Beachwear is a Southern California lifestyle brand, specializing in colorful swimwear and beach accessories. Rio Azul caters to all women who want to not only look great, but FEEL great in their new swimwear.

Our founder used to dread "swimsuit season". The thought of having to fit into an itsy bitsy bikini was anything but exciting. That's when she asked herself, "What's the point of wearing a bikini it doesn't make me feel amazing?" and "If only there was a brand that made swimwear that mold to my curves"...  (This is a part of story where you'd insert the "lightbulb" emoji)

She then created Rio Azul Beachwear was with the simple desire to create bright, beautiful, and most importantly COMFORTABLE bikinis. Since its inception, it has been Rio Azul's mission to make every Rio Babe feel confident in their swimwear. 

As Rio Azul Beachwear continues to grow, so will its commitment to provided a line of swimwear that promotes body confidence for all women.